So, you made it through the divorce.  I bet you’re glad that’s over. Well, guess what?  Even though your marriage is over, as long as you have children together, your relationship is not.

I will help you to have a peaceful, serene relationship with your ex, so that your kids do not suffer and so that you can keep your cool!

Let’s face it, if you and your now ex had been communicating perfectly, you would probably still be together.  After the divorce, those communication skills usually go from bad to worse because each person now brings resentments, hurt feelings, and broken dreams into every conversation (even if only subconsciously).

In order to create a healthy relationship with your ex for the sake of your children, you need to let these “marriage ghosts” go and start your relationship over from scratch.

Most post-divorce advice out there likes to pretend that once you “move on” and find love again, your life will be perfect.  My feeling is that no matter what new life you are able to create for yourself, if your blood pressure rises every time your caller ID shows your ex’s number, then you (and your children) are not living in peace.

Serenity After Divorce can help you reach that peace.  I will show you how to:

  • Own your personal power when dealing with your ex.
  • Apply concrete conflict resolution skills to come up with win/win solutions for all involved.
  • Decide which battles are best left unfought.
  • Promote a happy and healthy family for your children – with both parents separately.

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About Me

IMG_4725My name is Nicole Witt and I am a Mediator and Conflict Resolution Specialist in Los Angeles, California.  In 2004, I went through my own high conflict divorce.  Things were so bad that one night during a phone conversation with my ex, the amount of tears I was crying actually fried my cell phone!  Now – 8 years later – my ex, my son, my new husband, and myself actually find ourselves sitting down to dinner together fairly often for special events and after football games.  It still amazes me that we have been able to come this far.

That is why I started this website – so you can be amazed too.