Need Help Getting Your Serenity Back?

“Nicole Witt has committed herself to helping individuals, couples and families lead happy, healthy, helpful and hopeful lives.” -  Deborah Newmark, The Children’s Project

Divorce is something no one hopes for.

It can be a painful, frustrating and fearful time.  All of those emotions don’t just magically disappear once the final papers are signed.

In fact, as the reality of being a single parent sets in, new emotions and frustrations surface.

These emotions can interfere with your ability to work together with your ex-spouse.  Conflicts can and do arise.

Conflicts between divorced parents affect the children in many ways.  Not only are mommy and daddy still fighting, but you may inadvertently behave in ways you are not proud of towards your children because you are upset, stressed out, worried, etc.

I can help you deal with these ongoing conflicts and teach you ways to constructively handle conflicts in the future, so that your children have a peaceful and serene parent.  And you can’t have a peaceful and serene house without a peaceful and serene mommy!

Now is the perfect time to get started.  To celebrate the launching of Serenity After Divorce, I am offering discounted pricing for a limited time.

Give Peace a Chance Package

One 60 minute call with 1 email follow-up exchange. ($100 – now only $50)

Are you always having the same arguments over and over with your ex?  In your call,  you will learn how to change the script and move past the situations that are causing conflict in your relationship with your ex.  You will get specific techniques and learn new skills that you can implement right away to see an improvement in your relationship and in your state of mind.

Serenity Now (and forever) Package

Weekly 60 minute call with up to 20 email exchanges a month. ($250/month – now only $150/month)

Get more in-depth coaching on how to turn conflicts into opportunities for growth for your relationships, yourself and your children.  Conflicts of any kind (divorce related, other family issues, work related, etc) can be discussed and worked through.  Learn a more peaceful approach towards life and your ex.

Let’s Come Together Mediation Service ($75 per hour – now only $50 per hour)

If you are having a hard time resolving a specific issue with your ex and they would be agreeable to working together to solve the problem, mediation may be the answer.  As your mediator, I would facilitate the collaboration between the two of you by phone and email so that you can reach a mutually agreeable solution.

How do I get started?

For coaching services – Contact me using the link below and let me know what package you are interested in.  Also briefly fill me in on the problems you are having with your ex-spouse and how they are affecting yourself and your family.

This helps me prepare in advance for our conversation so I can offer you the most help in our allotted time.

Once you have paid for your package, we will book a time and get started.

For mediation services – Again, contact me using the link below and give me a brief overall picture of your relationship with your ex and the specific conflict you are having trouble resolving.

Please provide contact information for yourself and your ex, as his participation will need to be voluntary and positive.

After I have had a phone or email conversation with both of you and we have determined that mediation would be a good fit for your situation, a deposit of $200 will be paid which will go towards the hourly fee and we will start the mediation process.

To learn more, please contact me.